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Argumentative Essay

Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are the most common kind of paper to write at the time of college or university. An argumentative essay is a kind of writing where the writer takes a position on an issue, subject, or topic. The writer should try to convince readers to comprehend the issue, subject, or topic you are discussing. The writer has to back up their viewpoint about a topic, issue, or subject by state their analysis. They should also give evidence to back up the idea.

Argumentative essay topics can select from the relevant areas. The essay is a sort of writing that needs the student to examine a topic. You have to gather, create, and assess the evidence. Students should establish a stand on the argumentative essay topic concisely and understandably. You can get a top grade on your argumentative essay if you introduce a convincing topic and engage the reader with excellent ideas and viewpoints.

Argumentative assignments may also require empirical research, where the student collects data through interviews, surveys, observations, or experiments. The writer should bring into play appropriate evidence and rational support to persuade the reader. If you are familiar with writing a compelling argumentative essay, you can write a great paper to persuade your reader. Here is a look at the step by step guide on how to write an argumentative essay:

  • Pick an argumentative essay topic
  • Determine your stance
  • Collect evidence and supporting points
  • Choose argumentative essay structure
  • Create an argumentative essay outline
  • Write a compelling introduction
  • Draft the body section
  • Write a convincing conclusion
  • Proofread and edit an argumentative essay
  • Add references

If the argumentative essay to be good and convincing, the essay should have a comprehensible thesis statement in the introduction, coherent analysis, reasoning, and points which back up the thesis statement, and pertinent examples or facts which support the standpoints.

Many students used to share that they experience a lot of trouble and annoyance with argumentative essay writing. Let it be any sort of writing, students are not at ease with it since they lack understanding and skills in writing. Sometimes, the professional essay writers used to feel the trouble of writing essays and it is not a surprise when the students experience it is hard to complete their essays on time. But they cannot simply move away from the task of writing essays since it can have a say in finalizing their internal marks and grades. So the most effective choice left for the students to complete their task of writing is to rely on EssaysChief which is a finest argumentative essay writing service online.

Writing an argumentative essay is not an easy task even for the brilliant student in the classroom. In the modern era, more and more students ask for writing assistance from the best argumentative essay writing services online due to the fact that the writing service will write for them a good quality essay. It is not at all a poor option to seek for essay writing help from the writing service to be had online and the availability of writing service indeed lessons the tensions and worries of students on completing their essays in an effective manner.

It is observable that a good number of students find it stiff writing even finding argumentative essay topics. However, there are some students who can come up with a good essay if they can have examples. Some other students may not know how to write an argumentative essay as they are not taught of how to write this type of essays during their past academic life. As a result, essay writing services and their professional essay writers can lend a hand to the students to complete their essays and other very important assignments.

What is an argumentative essay?

One of the tasks that students are asked to write down during their college and school days will be writing essays, research papers, and dissertations. Writing is a very general task during one's academic years and it is crucial for students to develop knowledge in writing in order to improve their academic performance. Academic life and academic performance of students will be heavily influenced by the writing tasks that students deal with at some point during their college and university years. The grades that students get through writing tasks play a huge role in deciding the final score of a student. Therefore, writing tasks have an immense role to play in one's academic life.

There are many writing tasks that students will have to deal with during their academic years. Argumentative essay is one of them but the main trouble they face is that they don’t know how to write the essay. If students can understand how to write an argumentative essay, they can easily manage their paper and get better recognition from their respective teachers as well. They don’t require getting help from others if they understand the ways of writing an essay. You may think that writing this type of essay is easy but it’s not and you will understand it once you start writing your paper. If you lack skills in writing, it’s better to get help from cheap essay writing service online.

Argumentative essays are not like the typical informative type of essays. The main point of an argumentative essay is to argue about a specific issue or subject mentioning the advantages and disadvantages, supporting one argue over another and prove the point by using evidence that you feel better and logical. To write this kind of essay, you need to have complete knowledge on two or more topics that you are going to discuss. The strength of your essay should derive from your strength of knowledge and information. The knowledge and information that you have in writing will help you to write an excellent paper based on the specifications asked by your teachers to include in your essay.

An important thing that you should take care of writing an argumentative essay is structure. You have got to write in exact structure and you can never compromise with the structure of your essay for any reason because teachers need the paper written in a perfect structure. Structure of an argumentative essay is much similar to the basic structure of the essay. You should start with an introduction by giving a brief idea about the subject of your essay in an attractive manner to grab the attention of your readers. One of the best ways is using the questions that would be quite risky and challenging as if the reader doesn’t have the answer of the questions, he/she will surely go through the entire essay. In fact, if they know the answer, you will get the chance to present it in a unique way by raising some new interest.

How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are written about the topics that bring about an argument. There are two sides to every argument topic and there must be some valid information to oppose or support each side. Students find writing this type of assignment as difficulty because they are unaware of the ways that they need to follow while writing their essay. You need follow certain things when you write an essay or else your essay will look as if unprofessional. Seeking help with writing is a good idea and custom paper writing service can help you professionally. You don’t want to make your essay unprofessional because you will lose the grade that you need to get from writing academic papers.

Your essay should have strong roots and always supports one side of the argument. The essay that you write should have a strong argument and if you write your paper with no argument, you will struggle to write your paper as you actually wish. You can either support or oppose an argument but the paper should have a strong idea. There is no point in writing a paper if you don’t come up with a strong argument and it is the argument that you make in your paper that decides the effectiveness of your writing. You can find the strong argument by means researching and it can aid you to amass the ideas require to feed your essay.

Your argumentative essay should have a proper theme and the whole paragraphs of your essay should follow the main theme of your essay. It is the main theme of your essay that decides the overall tone of your essay and therefore, you have to ensure to pick a right theme for your essay. The facts that you have included in your argumentative essay must directly relate to the theme of your essay. Do not exaggerate or falsify any facts that support or oppose your essay because these can mislead your reader or may have an adverse effect on your essay’s quality. Even you can add your ideas but just make sure that they are relevant according to the facts that you have provided in your essay. There is best essay writing service online that can help you with your essay.

Follow these important tips to write an argumentative essay:

Introduce your topic

At first, start the writing by choosing a right topic and after selecting a topic, you need to provide solid information to support your own point of views on this matter and be prepared for any argument that you may receive from the opposite side. Try to convince your readers with true facts and information. Introduction plays a major role in an argumentative essay and people will be interested to read your entire essay if the introduction is written attractively. So, your opening paragraph should be very catchy to grab the attention of your readers. It must be a topic of public interest along with making sure that you can manage the essay with ease. Your introduction part should be very clear and keen to give your readers solid information on what you are going to discuss an interesting topic. Your tone should be clear to give a glimpse of your point of view whether you are going tell in favor of this topic or against it.

Explain Why It Is Important

Let the readers know that why the topic is important and how it could help you to find a perfect panacea. This is vital to develop an interest in the topic. People should know why the topic is important and why you chose the topic. If the readers fail to understand the importance of the topic, it denotes that you fell short to make an impression on your readers. The whole meaning of your writing will go in vain if you couldn’t convey the importance of your paper and therefore, think about ways that will help you to let the readers comprehend the vitality of your essay. Expert essay writers of custom essay writing service can do the assignment for you if you are not good at writing.

Ignore Not Researching

One of the important features that make your essay professional is researching. Many of the people think why they should waste their time by researching and you will understand why you should research once you start writing your essay. You need many materials, data, information, and details to write your essay. If you don’t have sufficient source when you write your essay, you will stop writing your essay as soon as you start writing your paper because of lack of ideas. If you would like to get used to the topics and also gain more acquaintance with the topic, you should research thoroughly. You will not struggle with getting ideas if you research and you can make your essay professional through researching.

Present Two Sides of the Controversy

The body of your essay must contain the key points of your argument. You can expand the main theme or key points of your essay in body paragraphs. There is no need to make illogical arguments in your paper and you should focus on making logical arguments if you would like to score better grades for your assignment. You need to delve deep into the topic to state both sides of the controversy or the side that you are supporting or opposing. Side by side you must you must mention clearly the pros and cons of the topic by providing strong arguments and points. You should stay from making your essay intricate because readers will withdraw from reading if your essay is complicated.

After the introduction, start concentrating on the essay’s body where you may state more and more arguments in details with proper evidence for each of them. You should ensure to give evidence to the arguments that you make because people need proofs in order to believe your arguments. Start with another part of argument state evidence and opinions of others. Now start presenting your point of views and defeat their evidence one by one. Being fair as much as possible and using the logical sequences will give you more credibility and you will get the readers on your side. You should present your own logic and explain clearly that why your point is right and prove it with strong statistics and evidence. The economical essay writing services available online are a boon to students who are unskilled in writing.

Avoid Emotional Language

Adding emotional language is not a great idea and you should avoid emotional language in your argumentative essay writing. Don’t use any type of emotional language in this essay. It will weaken your logical conclusion and your supportive information. Keep in mind that the emotional language has nothing to do with an argumentative essay and ensure to write the paper with a formal touch. The language and the tone that you employ in your writing are crucial. It is the language and tone of your essay that attracts the attention of many of the readers. You should ensure that the language that you use is simple and at the same time, straightforward. Making language complicated will make your paper ineffective and you cannot get any benefit from your paper if it is ineffective.

Tips at a glance

  • Make proper planning
  • Create a clear outline
  • Quote or mention your sources
  • Be prepared to defend your side and points
  • Do more research to support your pints logically with true facts

How to choose a right topic for argumentative essay

Developing a good argumentative essay may depend on a right topic. Choosing a right topic is crucial because if you pick the wrong topic, you will struggle with writing. One of the best ways to pick up your topic is to have the one that you can present with strong opinions. Then, start your own research on that particular topic to find the necessary statistics and facts to support your point of view. Your topic of the essay should be thought-provoking.

You may choose a neglected topic to explore in your essay. Choose the topic that has not been covered by your previous writers or any news. Explain the particular issue and the reasons that why it has been neglected and how you can make it important for your readers. Be quite sure to display that how the issue can be solved and why the readers should care if it gets solved. A supreme essay writing service has professionals who can choose right topic for you and also write premium quality papers for you.

Analyzing a current event or subject seems to be quite a popular topic that you can choose for your argumentative essay. Controversial issues are always popular and happening. All you need to do is to turn on the news and you will find a huge collection of subjects to choose. Once you find the issue that you strongly feel about one way or another, use this topic for your essay. You can choose any type of topic from politics or crime and music to the movie but it is important that there should be two distinct points of views on the particular topic. For the academic students, current events are always a hot topic to write an argumentative essay.

You can structure always your issue so that it is unique to the argument that you are proposing in your argumentative essay. Argumentative essay topics may cover a wide variety of subjects and can be quite persuasive if a quality essay represents them.

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