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5 Paragraph Essay

How to Write 5 Paragraph Essay that Stands Out

5 Paragraph Essay is one of the most common writing assignments that students will have to deal with during their school and college years. Students will have to write a 5 paragraph essay at some point in their academic life. A simple but effective plan is required to write a 5 paragraph essay that works. Some students may find writing a 5 paragraph essay easy, but others find it difficult due to their inexperience in writing this kind of assignment.

As the name suggests, five-paragraph essays consist of five paragraphs. The five-paragraph essay comes in the format of an essay having five paragraphs. The 5 paragraph essay includes one introductory paragraph with the thesis statement, three body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and one concluding paragraph that summarize the main points of the essay. Five paragraph essay format include:

  • Introductory Paragraph
  • Body - First paragraph
  • Body - Second paragraph
  • Body - Third paragraph
  • Concluding paragraph

The five-paragraph essay has a unique essay structure. Therefore, students have got to know more about the five-paragraph essay before writing their paper. Here is a look at how to write a five-paragraph essay:

  • Choose 5 paragraph essay topic
  • Carry Out research
  • Decide on your essay thesis
  • Create 5 paragraph essay outline
  • Write your essay
  • Know about 5 paragraph essay structure
  • Edit and proofread your essay

Writing a great five-paragraph essay may strike fear in of all ages. But they can avoid the apprehension if they know how to write a five-paragraph essay. If you can understand the essay structure and the ways of writing a 5 paragraph essay, you will be prepared to tackle the paper of any difficulty.

It is true that school or college life is packed with a lot of fun and enjoyment. However, the fun of college or school life can be spoiled when you get essays and other assignments to be written. These essays and assignments asked by the teachers to write can in actual fact affect the grades and it is a must for them to write down a good essay in order to get better grades. If you are a student, you will be asked by the professors to deal with a five-paragraph essay as a part of the curriculum requirement.

Presently, the learners can find a good number of 5 paragraph essay writing services online and these writing services are capable of helping them the way they are anticipating. Apart from getting help from the writing services, the students can get a good amount of knowledge about how to write a 5 paragraph essay from them once they seek writing help from the reliable cheap essay writing services. The knowledge that the students gain from the writing service will, in fact, direct them to become conscious of writing first-class essays. Thus, it is a good choice if you are about to seek the help of affordable assignment writing services to complete a five-paragraph essay as it is both a help and learning experience.

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Critical Analysis and the Format of a Five-Paragraph Essay

Just like any other related academic strategies, a need for a scrutiny analysis of professionalism is adhered to in many of the institutions. In academic institutions, they compose various ways of instilling a profession and quality undertakings in their assessment of their students. They clearly emphasize on some of the strictest formats and methods so as to enhance the best output in the professionalism aspect. Plagiarism is key venom in most of the academic works in which most of the instructors or professors dislike. It can be defined simply as direct copying from a source without appreciating the writer of the text. It is referred mostly as ‘direct stealing’ in most of the educational platforms and genuine assignment writing services understand that plagiarism is a mistake that can never help students any manner.

Notably, in our subject of discussion, a five paragraph essay is not an exemption to this trap. Apprehending the original fact that this is academic stuff which requires tireless research of the contents and concepts, some of the scholars or students might be tempted to copy directly from the source of information. This is awarded up to zero marks or discontinuations in major strict educational institutions. Students can come across custom essay writing service online and seeking them to write their five paragraph essay will assist the students to run away from the fear of plagiarism as they will always provide you plagiarism free papers.

A five paragraph essay has some distinction from other forms of academic papers. The expert essay writers understand the distinctions of five paragraph essay from other types of college and university assignments. The other forms may include; term papers, research proposals, scholarship essays and many more. As a fact, none of the academic papers has a simulacrum aspect with the other though they all circulate on the academic forum. It all depends on the level and unit of study one is specializing in. different specialization recommends different forms of an academic paper for instance if one is on masters level, he or she is expected to come up with a clear and unique type of project in which the format of a research proposal is recommended.

Furthermore, to aid on the distinctions, a paragraph essay is a special type of an academic format where it composes five paragraphs in its entire academic structure. This is so in opposite with the other types of essays where they do not install the number of paragraphs one should include. The five-paragraph structure has some specific roles in the general development of the whole structure. However, they incorporate different ideas from each other in the sense that the first point can be an additional support aspect of the proceeding one. Due to this aspect of its five-paragraph structure, some funny and different nicknames have been developed to this subject of discussion. They include some names such as hamburger essay, one three one or a three-tier essay. Essays Chief, the inexpensive essay writing service, will ensure that you receive a paper that meets your instructions. Therefore, in this article, we will vividly discuss each of the elements in the five-paragraph essay and some additional information about this unique type of the essay.

An Overview of the Five-Paragraph Essay

As stated earlier in the introduction, a five paragraph essay is a special form of related academic essay which contains five paragraphs in its overall structure. In this aspect, some highlights on the headings of each of the paragraphs will be shown below. The main contents of the five paragraphs will entail; an introductory paragraph which will give a general introduction to the topic of the subject to be discussed, three body paragraphs which will inhibit the main points and a concluding paragraph which will summarize and give an opinion about the task done. Essays Chief is an authentic as well as a cheap essay writing service, and the experienced writers of the company will write each of the paragraphs in an effective way along with keeping your instructions.

Notably, an emphasis on the body paragraphs should be considered on the three body paragraph. Each and every body paragraph should follow the high quality provided the format for writing an academic format. Many of the students have issues with writing a five-paragraph essay and they can manage their essay effectively if they ask for writing assistance from best essay writing service on the web.

Recommendable Academic Body Paragraph Development Concepts in a Five Paragraphed Essay

It would be wise to discuss the professional format of jotting down the main body of a five paragraph essay. However, this format will not only be applicable only on a five paragraph essay but other academic essays.

A paragraph has so many definitions in the current world. In a simpler term, a paragraph is simply a group of related sentences elaborating on a detailed form a point related to one’s thesis. A good paragraph should be well developed so as to bring out a clear understanding of the main point. In the body paragraph; it should exhibit the three structural parts which are; the point, information, and explanation. If you are finding that writing five paragraph essay testing, Essays Chief, a reasonably priced writing company, can make your paper effortless.

The point should be the topic sentence of your subject of discussion. The topic sentence should bring out and expound a claim of your point. It should show or render a notion to the readers on the ultimate subject of discussion of that paragraph. It should be the first ‘eye-catching’ instrument of your reader. Furthermore, many of the readers are so lazy to the extent that they fail to read the other contents of the paragraph. Therefore, instilling the advice of the point strategy can earn one some marks especially if he or she is in a school oriented environment.

Secondly, the proceeding point after the point concept is information. This is generally the supporting sentences of the topic sentence above. One must be able and effectively sprout out the major points so as to accrue to evidence. Some examples should be well observed to aid a clear and better understanding of the main point above. Some facts, details, and reasons will accrue to a larger understanding of your audiences or professors. The five-paragraph essay format will not be an issue for a professional paper writing service due to their vast years of experience. A student might use some of the information from the readings or class discussions as a support claim to his main topic sentence. Some short quotations can be applicable here and some paraphrasing themes so as to aid reasoning. Also, some research and data statistics will ultimately aid in the general development of the support sentence. If the subject of discussion is more of the open-ended type of question, some of the personal experiences, stories of real-life occurrences will top up to the general support of the listed topic sentence.

Lastly, the explanation is the last concept in paragraph development. In most of the academic fields, it is regarded as the clincher or concluding sentence in a paragraph. The writer who might be a student or any other interested person should give explanations on his or her elaboration and analysis. He or she should be able to justify some of the questions such as; in what ways does the information provided above mean or of help? How does the above information relate to my general and overall argument of the topic and support sentence? Why is this information so much meaningful or significant in the general development of my paragraph? Essays Chief, which offer cheap essays, can answer every question when it comes to writing your various academic papers.

Therefore, upon following the P.I.E format of paragraph development, it will accrue to the best thoughtful, unified and coherent representation of your idea.

A Detailed Analysis of the Format of a Five Paragraphed Essay

As earlier stated above, a five paragraph essay will compose of one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs which should be well formatted using the Point Information and Explanation (P.,i.e.) format and lastly a one concluding paragraph. Each and every one of them will be discussed on what they entail, the best way to approach them and their rules while jotting each of their paragraphs. Some additional information might be available which are so important to the general development of the five-paragraph essay. Don’t take the risk of writing your essay if you don’t have an idea about writing it and best paper writing service can do the job for you.


In a five paragraphed essay, an introduction acts as a hook so as to let your reader know what he or she should expect in your essay. It should contain at least three hooks to grab your audience attention effectively. The student should elaborately introduce his or her own topic and explain his or her purpose for the discussion. The information in the introductory part should be factual and not fiction. If the introduction is challenging for you, the professional essay writers of Essays Chief writing service will do it for you with ease. In order to raise a fact, the student or the writer should quote some of the information from other scholars. This mostly applies to humanitarian subjects such as history and geography and vice versa for the science subjects. It is advisable that the writer should put concern and include the three major topic sentences on the three main body paragraphs so as to give a hint on what discussion the reader will expect later.

On the hook aspect, the writer can also use some rhetorical questions, some of the well-known facts or statistics or even a direct statement. Background to the information on the subject of discussion should also be a recommendable aspect in the introduction part. This will help in the overall development and sprout out of the subject’s context. Developing main points seems to be difficult for students and therefore, they request custom paper writing service to prepare their five paragraph essay.

Finally, a thesis statement should and must be applied to the last element of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement is considered as a strong statement that vividly tells a reader on what exactly one wants to prove in the later discussion. This type of a unique statement is inclusive of the writer’s main and specific topic, his or her claim about the specifically stated topic, and some of the defending reasons as to why one chose to make such a claim. It should be well formulated in the sense that if the reader opted to ignore the background part, he or she would nicely know one specific topic of discussion, the claim about the topic and the defending reasons why you chose the stated claims. If you think that it is a difficult task for you, then you can hire the experts from an affordable essay writing service to come up with a thesis statement that satisfies the needs of your professor.

The Main Body of a Five Paragraphed Essay

Paragraph 1

This is the foremost main body paragraph that proceeds after the introductory part. It explains the first elementary point which is derived from the thesis statement. It acts and serves as a getaway bridge from the former introductory paragraph to the one in position at that time. It should have the main topic as well for the discussion of the paragraph. The main topic should be clearly formatted and jotted and also should be derived from the thesis statement. It should contain some examples and other information as evidence of the support sentences for the main topic. Lastly, a clincher sentence should be inclusive so as to tie up the topic sentence and supporting sentences. You can get away from the stress of writing if you get help from an economical assignment writing service on the web.

Paragraph 2

This is the second preceding paragraph after the first paragraph. It tries to explain the second argument of discussion. The second point should be from the thesis statements. As earlier stated, the thesis statement will include the three main topic sentences which should be illustrated in the main body structure. As simulacrum to the earlier described paragraph one, it should start with a transition or a descriptive highlight of the main topic. It should be followed by some clear discussions to support your claim of the listed main topic. Examples, citations and any other related supporting mechanisms should be evident so as to support the fact of your claim. Direct quotations from a source should be evaded so as to evade negligence in one’s information. The writer should either quote directly and recognize the author of the data or paraphrase the whole supporting document. The support examples should be related to the topic, and lastly, a clincher sentence should be evident so as to tie up the topic sentence.

Paragraph 3

This is the last paragraph in the three main body paragraphs. It explains the third part of the stated thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. As the other two described above, it should support sentences should carry some facts or examples relevant to the topic of discussion. The writing services, which offer cheap essays, have experienced essay writers to add convincing facts or examples related to the topic of discussion. The facts or examples generally provide evidence to support the truth for the claim. Lastly, a clincher sentence ties up the whole paragraph.


This is the other important aspect of a five-paragraph essay. It sums up all the stated points and restates the thesis statement. The experienced essay writing experts will easily sum up the main points of your paper in the conclusion paragraph. It doesn’t focus on inclusive of any new information to aid reasoning. It acts to elaborately remind the reader on some of the claims you popped up as topic sentences.

The writer should also tell the reader the significance of the argument elaborated on the above discussion. You should aim at either changing or adding the readers’ way of reasoning.

Lastly, the writer will make a recommendation on the usefulness of the information.

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