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Dissertation Writing

How to Write the Best Dissertation

A dissertation is a lengthy piece of academic writing. It should be a paper that argues in support of a particular thesis. The dissertation should be written based on original research. It is generally a part of a Ph.D. or master’s, and sometimes, a bachelor’s degree. Writing a great dissertation is not an effortless task. Dissertation writing needs a lot of time, effort, energy, and patience to cross the finish line.

Dissertation writing is the lengthiest writing task that students used to receive during their academic years. Whether you are handling undergraduate, masters, or Ph.D. dissertations, you are gearing up for a most tricky phase of your academic life. It will take weeks, months, and even a year to complete the dissertation writing assignment.

If you have not written a dissertation previously, you are in for a huge surprise because it is difficult than you think, complicated, and problematic. Since dissertation writing needs a lot of time, you have to give yourself sufficient time to plan and structure the dissertation. It is essential that you prepare well and approach dissertation writing professionally. Do you know how to write a dissertation? Here is a look at how to come up with a great dissertation:

  • Title Page
  • Acknowledgments
  • Dissertation Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures and Tables
  • Introduction
  • Dissertation Literature Review
  • Dissertation Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference List
  • Appendices
  • Editing and Proofreading

You have to select the proper dissertation structure before start writing your paper. Most of the time, the page length of a dissertation will be around 100 to 300 pages. Dissertations should split into appropriate sections. Since the dissertation is a long assignment, it should divide into chapters, main divisions, and subdivisions.

Obviously, dissertation writing is a very important assignment that the students are essential to do with their whole attention and focus. The main reason is that dissertation writing assignment can influence in determining the internal marks as well as grades of students. The majority of the students feel dissertation writing assigned by their professors challenging due to their inexperience, lack of knowledge in writing, tensions and lack of time. The students have to submit their paper within the time asked by their respective professors. So, students feel it demanding to complete the paper within the deadline. Finally, they ask for help from the specialized writers to get done their dissertation paper on time.

What is a dissertation? Students ask each other when they get the dissertation assignment for the first time. Without a doubt, trying to find dissertation writing help from the professional writers is a better option as it allows the students to receive well-written dissertation paper. Dissertation help from the expert writers will definitely lend a hand to the students to get top grades for their dissertation paper. More and more learners seek for dissertation help in order to save their time and also to spend their valuable time to use up to study some other subjects or doing other important assignments.

When the teachers ask students to write down an effective dissertation paper, they will indeed have a question in mind about how to write a dissertation. They can keep their doubt aside if they rely on writing services like Essays Chief. If you have the question, what is a dissertation, try to get dissertation help from the experienced writers of some of the best dissertation writing services so that you get the correct and suitable answer from them because the writing service has knowledge and experience to give answers to your whole questions. The overload of assignments that you get from the college and university can make you sadden and you may be incapable to do all the assignments on account of lack of time. Therefore, get help from the specialized people in the field of dissertation writing.

The Relevance of Dissertation in Your Educational Program

Whether it be a final year post graduation project or a doctoral program, successful completion of a dissertation project is mandatory. The intricacy that goes it to these long-term research projects requires patient factual checking, repeated analysis and qualitative approval from a subject matter expertise. This blog deals with a few of the major concerns a student would want to know before starting his or her dissertation.

How to Write a Dissertation Paper?

A dissertation is nothing but an in-depth research study on a particular subject done by a final year college student or a student of doctoral studies. You can make it more clear if you ask an expert for dissertation writing help.

A dissertation topic is often chosen by the student, but to go forward with the research one should get it approved by the higher authority. To choose a topic relevant to one’s field of studies is the first step. The clarity of the topic and the availability of research resources are a few things to keep in mind before deciding on the title and the theme of the dissertation.

How to Choose the Right Topic?

  • Identify your area of interest
  • Explore the subject you chose in-depth
  • Check whether enough research materials are available for the same
  • Check whether you can find opinion leaders or subject matter experts to talk to you regarding the topic
  • Check whether you can create enough literature review for the same
  • Choose to talk about it to multiple people to analyze your choice


  • Select a topic which is interdisciplinary
  • Decide on the aim of your Dissertation
  • Polish your writing skills
  • Learn the specific jargon related to your field of studies
  • Make your dissertation unique and reasonable
  • Have two to three alternate topics before approaching your mentor for approval
  • Have a thorough idea of the flow of your research paper
  • The research abstract should entail all the highlights of the research
  • Make sure it’s free of silly grammatical and spelling errors
  • Learn the skill of time management
  • Organize all your resources
  • When in doubt, ask your mentor

A basic research will have the below structure

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgment
  • Contents page(s)
  • Introduction
  • Materials and methods or Literature review
  • Results or Sources and methods
  • Discussion of Findings
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices

It is important to understand that a dissertation paper can be

  • A continuation of a previous study
  • Similar to others paper’s a different scenario
  • An exploration of a completely new topic
  • A qualitative analysis of multiple papers related to a topic

Always understand this; your mentor is a subject matter expertise in your field of studies. Go according to his suggestions. A right mentor will always motivate, help you break down the major task into achievable targets, bring out the best in you and help in producing a methodical work.

A good dissertation always depends on the approach, willingness to do the research, in-depth knowledge on the topic, clarity in writing, the level of guidance of the mentor, the end result and above all how is it going to help the society we live in. Include right diagrams, pictures and examples to support the findings. Does your dissertation make an impact? If yes, it’s powerful.

Working on a dissertation project? These are the most common hitches you may face

Writing an academic paper requires a lot of patience. Though a lot of reference materials are available, most of the content in a research paper will be totally an individual contribution. Whether it is science, literature, mathematics or any other field of studies, students may encounter multiple issues.

The trouble usually starts with deciding a relevant topic, finding the right mentor to completing the project on time. The four major common issues faced by students are:

Topic Selection

While selecting the topic, keep in mind whether enough reference material is available based on it. Can you bring out clear-cut findings based on the questions you are dealing with the dissertation paper? What is the uniqueness of your research paper? What is the significance and purpose of your research paper? The framework should be ready before you do the research in depth.

Time Management

Most universities give students adequate time to complete the research paper. Despite that many fail to submit the dissertation on time. One should allow time for research, doing the analysis, drafting it multiple times, getting it reviewed by the mentor and bring about an impressive work. Procrastination and lack of enthusiasm slow down the entire progress of the research. It is always better to have a personalized diary, where you can jot down the each and every task and time you allot to complete them. Specific time slots should be allocated to meet with the committee, analyze data, to report findings and draw conclusions.

Lack of Research Knowledge

Lack of research knowledge can cause serious trouble. One should be aware of the university protocols, IRB protocols, and research ethics. Remember reading is as much as important as writing. Read from traditional media, website, other research papers, books, references and what not?


Even if you have finished your final draft of the dissertation, formatting it according to the editing standards or the university decided norms can be a difficult task. From the silliest issues like how many line space should be left between sentences to which font size to be used can come up as a major trouble while winding up for the final submission. It is always better to clear the doubt with the mentor in prior that committing the mistake and struggling to change them.

Lack of software Knowledge

Most of the data analysis, formatting and typing are done using software tools. Not knowing basics of these causes trouble. It will be time-consuming to approach a pro person to help you with your task. Grammatical errors, punctuation issues, wrong usage of words etc can be corrected using the pro software available in the market today. Have a thorough knowledge of them.

Meeting Deadlines

Submitting a research paper and completing a dissertation project requires patience and perseverance. Meeting deadlines is a nightmare that most students worry about. Last minute content preparation may bring down the quality of the research paper. Moreover, most research is done over a span of a longer period of time. One requires maintaining the same enthusiasm level till the submission of the paper.

Poor Support from the Guide/Mentor/Supervisor

Though a university guide is a person who helps you throughout your project, being rude and non-cooperative can cause real trouble to the students. There are incidences when students drop out of Ph.D. programs due to the lack of support from their mentors. Slants and biases can cause real trouble. One cannot completely blame the guide for such incidents, it’s a student’s responsibility to submit papers on time, attend the lectures, listen to the authority and constantly take advice from his/her mentors. Choosing a right mentor is as important as choosing the right topic.

The best way to avoid trouble is preparing in prior to face the challenges. If you opt for a company that offers pre-eminent dissertation writing service, you will be free of the stresses.

How to Avoid Glitches While Working on a Dissertation Project?

  • Procrastination can be the biggest villain. It is always better to do things in time. Have an obsessive-compulsive disorder to complete the project within the stipulated time frame.
  • Persistence matters. When in trouble, find a solution. Keep going no matter what. Little hard work each day is what that matters. There will be energy sippers around you. People who instill self-doubt in you. You will have to face a stage when you decide to quit. Instead of quitting, pull your socks and think about why you started anyway. Avoid thinking unnecessary and go ahead with the plan.
  • Understanding the topic. Read more, understand the topic from different perspectives and do not delay in writing. Write, edit, review and bring down the error percentage. Spend adequate time in determining the dissertation and methodology. If you are stuck with a particular sub-topic, keep it aside and move on to the next. Later come back and complete it.
  • A research paper is never a question. It should entail solutions to the questions that never got answered before. Lead your research to the end result.
  • Make sure the rough draft or the first draft is divided into the introduction, the body of the paper and the conclusion.
  • Get adequate sleep, exercise and food. It is important to have a healthy body and mind to have a clear thought process.
  • Stay true to your perspective. Dissertation writing is a tedious process. Students can easily be distracted from the perspective they had while starting the project. The result will be the loss of focus. The end result will be a mismatch from the problems stated at the start of the project.
  • Develop individuality in writing. Make sure you develop your own style of writing while addressing an issue. This can help you in giving less space for issues like plagiarism.
  • One of the greatest disappointments can come as the rejection of the research paper. Don’t be disheartened. Carry out more experiments, read more, get expert advice and resubmit the paper.
  • Make sure to avoid data without cross verification. Factual checking should be thorough. Scientific data, names of personalities, dates, numbers, math symbols and quantity, should all be right.
  • Writing a dissertation need not be always subjective, bring out your creative self. Readers, as well as the reviewers, will enjoy. Hit the right balance between seriousness and creativity.

Dissertation Writing Services; a Boon to Research Students

Life of the new age research students is made easy through dissertation writing companies. Best dissertation writing agencies provide facilities to buy custom-made dissertation usually online. The agencies will have expert writers, scholars and subject matter experts that will help in producing non-plagiarized academic papers at reasonable rates on time. The best writing services are all alluring; as it includes help in writing various chapters, collecting data, analysis, and even forming a conclusion. Students are taken through the writing process smoothly.

Why Do The Students Approach Dissertation Writing Services?

  • Lack of Time
  • Lack of Subject matter expertise to guide
  • Void in the curriculum
  • Lack of empirical data
  • Trouble in gathering information and a lot more reason.

Most of the agencies assure that they provide research papers after in-depth researching. There are agencies that provide step by step services, for example, one of the top ten writing services provide services as below;

  • Topic Consulting
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Research Design
  • Drafting the chapters
  • Questionnaire Designs
  • Data Analysis
  • Editing and proofreading services
  • Formatting services for doctoral scholars
  • Defense Preparation
  • And general consultation

It is indeed interesting to note that how a set of subject matter expertise is minting money by helping students write their dissertation paper. Most of these agencies mentor the students in an interactive manner. If it is a boon or bane is a matter of discussion. But there are many students who are truly an ace in their area of studies yet not good at writing or even not good at researching. Most of the services are provided at an affordable rate as it is provided for students.

For many students, writing dissertation seems to be testing as they don’t have any understanding of it and also lack experience in writing such a long assignment. However, there is a need for them to complete dissertation assignment in great quality as it can have an effect on their final grades. Seeking help from expert dissertation writers of dissertation writing services can ease down the stress and tension that students have while preparing their paper.

Students, who have already used the services of writing companies, will come back to enjoy the services again due to the benefits that they get from them. Apart from easing down students stress, tension and worries when it comes to writing, the dissertation services also ensure that their clients are getting the best quality paper that meets the requirements of the teachers. So, dissertation services come as a boon to all students who need help with writing dissertation.

From the increasing numbers of the online writing services, we can infer that students face various kind of trouble while doing research. An extra help from the professional dissertation writers is getting appreciated by most students. Still, there are many students who oppose the idea of approaching a ghost academic writer, questioning them for its ethics. Some of the reports mention that students who seek help from online dissertation services are increasing.

Whether you plan to take the help of a dissertation help service or not, doing Ph.D. requires a lot of patience and dedication. Willingness to sacrifice personal life to spend an ample lot of time to read/ write and re-do is what is basically required for intense academic writing. However, lack of time leads many of the students to struggle with their academic paper and they curse their writing task.

Despite the differences in discipline and style of writing, the processes of writing remain the same. Each person struggles with related practical and emotional issues: distraction, procrastination, worry, structuring an argument, discovering their voice, incorporating theory and facts. The ploy is to not make it even stiffer by evading the work itself.

When writing a dissertation, it is important to get comfortable and run away from the uncomfortable position. Very often in the writing practice, you will experience shaky. But, you have to focus on writing first drafts. You will struggle against incongruent sources, huge quantities of data or at times, lack of information or data and tricky abstract notions. You will repeatedly experience lost, upset, deadbeat, sleepy and uneasy.

The successful writer understands the trick of writing and they gained it through their many years of experience. Remember that feeling lost, frustrated, and tired is just a part of the process of writing and all you want to do is just focus on triumph over the issues. Coming up with something great can do the job for you. Writing is all about thinking in the right way and coming up with good ideas take time. Therefore, make use of your time and enjoy writing. You may make a few false starts and if you know how to manage it, you will become a good writer.

Trust when expertise says, writing dissertation has no shortcuts. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Important Factors That You Should Be Cautious About Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is the process where one engages the different skills of writing, reading and researching to promoting their work which was first resented in a proposal. The dissertation is one of those evaluation criteria set forth by higher education institutions to comprehensively discover and probe the scholar’s ability to test their expressive nature through analytical and interpretive skills. If writing a dissertation paper seems challenging for you, then you can get help from dissertation writers from writing services. The ability and capacity of the scholar are exhaustively scrutinized through acquiring the dissertation writing process and getting into gear through running the research skills into a variety of options where the scholar must prove that he can deliver on their various proposals.

Mitigate On The Following

Plagiarism: This is one of those academic heavily penalized mistakes which could mean as much as getting a degree cancellation. Plagiarism is the offensive act of presenting other people’s work without citation which ultimately implies it as your own writing. There are some heavy penalties associated with plagiarism. The writing service experts will not plagiarize your paper, and they will deliver an original dissertation for you. You must always attribute the source of the work to the original resource and define it by accreditation.

Complex Adhesion: Many scholars rarely differentiate their work from what should be the subject of their focus. They constantly ignore the fact any topic has a broad range of subtopics of other similar texts addressing the same issue and therefore, at times without knowledge, people focus on other matters and lose emphasis of their topic and in a sense negate the real problem through adhesion to other unnecessary issues.

Unbalanced Assessment: When writing the dissertation, your focus should be on implementing the research problem with a solution. The scrutiny should be based on an articulated view of presentation towards a concrete resolution. In any way, the work should prove that it is well handled because only then can the scholar drive from a point to the next in line with seeking a solution. Any analysis and recommendations are only through a well-instigated research. All other dissertation writing steps must, therefore, be observed to make interpretation and make the perfect conclusion and recommendations. If you are looking to get help from the best writing experts, then they will present a balanced assessment in your dissertation paper.

Springing Before the Drum: You should not attempt to skip the timeframe for your theoretical or conceptual framework and time schedule. Everything for your dissertation should be guided, thus you must always strive to remain within the confines of your timeframe and thus observe the key progression of your work. Do neither relate to time wastage during the information acquisition nor drag because of being a step ahead.

When it comes to other crucial dynamics like grammar, the format, style, appeal and so on, the scholar has no choice but to ensure that the task is done to perfection. The writers of the premium dissertation writing service will ensure to provide you a dissertation that is free from all kinds of errors. The emphasis of your dissertation should be on the problem resolution and therefore the analysis should prove it through the perfect communication metrics plus the inclusion of the top assets of a perfect dissertation which encompass the modest impeccably executed details. The relevance of the data should also be a key concern to pay attention to the emphasis on elements that complete the knowledge acquisition.

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